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Hardwood – An Investment In Your Home And Lifestyle

The right hardwood flooring can add value, style, and functionality to your home. Serving San Luis Obispo County for over 98 years, Quaglino’s Flooring is the best source for all your hardwood flooring needs. We specialize in engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, and hardwood installation.


Here are some of the top hardwood brands we carry.
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Engineered Hardwood.

Engineered floors have a veneer of hardwood backed by multiple layers of wood in a cross-ply construction or a solid wood core backing. Engineered hardwoods are more stable than solid hardwoods and less susceptible to shrinking and expanding. They are also better from an ecological standpoint because you can get more flooring out of the same tree. Hardwood floors come in a variety of wood species which are pre-finished at the factory. The hand-scraped styles can provide a homey, rustic look with all the advantages of modern technology in their construction. Engineered flooring finishes are of such high quality that it takes a lot to dent or scratch the surface. If scratches do occur, they can be fixed by purchasing a stain pen from your local hardwood store. It’s also a good idea to keep some left over planks so that if you get a serious scratch or dent in your engineered floor, the left over planks can be used to replace any damaged planks.

Solid Hardwood

With solid hardwood floors, each plank is made of solid wood and milled from a single piece of timber. Solid hardwood floors were originally used for structural purposes with the flooring boards installed perpendicular to the wooden support beams of the building. Today solid hardwood floors are used almost exclusively for their appearance. Expansion and contraction of wood from moisture and temperature fluctuations places dimensional restrictions on solid wood floors. Typically, 5” wide and ¾”thick boards are the largest that can be manufactured from solid wood unless proprietary milling techniques are utilized. Solid wood floors are not recommended for installation over concrete.

Hardwood Installation Guarantee

We are confident in giving you a 100% guarantee on our installation so that you don’t need to worry about any mistakes or shortcuts being done when it comes time to install your hardwood floors. We use a glue-down process rather than nail-down because glue- down removes the hollow sound you get from nail-down installation.

Satisfied Customers

  • Jay D. Avatar
    Jay D.
    5 star rating

    Quaglino's has installed wood flooring in two different parts of my house over the last 3 years. Pat, Boki, and Gretchen have been great to deal with. I highly recommend their services.

  • Lynn M. Avatar
    Lynn M.
    5 star rating

    All we can say is WOW.
    From start to finish Quaglino's was easy to work with, in spite or my wife and mine's pickiness. We wanted exactly what we wanted even if it didn't exist. We went to three other businesses in the area, but they we're not near as helpful. And, in the end, didn't get the business.
    Pat, Boki and Gretchen ALL contributed to showing us sample after sample (that was mostly Boki and she never rolled her eyes when we asked to see "something else." Or, at least we didn't see her do that.)
    We finally found the three items we wanted to re-do every floor in our newly purchased 2300SFT home. Carpet (mostly), some hardwood, and a little vinyl. "One-stop shopping" was a treat.
    Pat oversaw measuring the house and educating the installers, which was particularly important because we had just had the complete interior painted the week before the carpet/flooring installation.
    OK, I've rambled a bit, but the bottom line is that it could not possibly been a better experience. Thanks to all of you!


Quaglino’s Flooring is part of a family tradition that started back in 1922. At Quaglino's Flooring, you're treated as a valuable member of our extended family. We are dedicated to helping you find the best solution to all your flooring needs.

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