Engineered floors have a veneer of hardwood backed by multiple layers of wood in a cross-ply construction or they have a solid wood core backing. Engineered hardwoods are more stable than solid hardwoods and less susceptible to shrinking and expanding. Hardwood floors come in a variety of wood species which are pre-finished at the factory. The hand-scraped style lends itself to a homey, rustic look with all the advantages of modern technology in its construction.

Hardwood Manufactures

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Hardwood FAQ’s

Q: What is the difference between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood?
A: Engineered hardwood is more stable. The backing of the planks are engineered for dimentional stablility. It is better from an ecological standpoint as you can get more flooring out of the same tree.

Q: What if I want to refinish my engineered hardwood?
A: The engineered flooring finishes are of such high quality now that it will take a lot to dent or scratch the surface. Scratches can be fixed by purchasing a stain pen from your local hardware store. If you have a marked dent, you usually have some left over planks, remove the damaged plank and replace with your leftover.

Q: Why glue down versus nail down?
A: Glue down is more stable and doesn't sound as hollow as nail down.