Quaglino’s Flooring offers a variety of quality carpets comprised of nylon, polyester or SmartStrand triexta (the newest carpet fiber in the industry). Specific carpet collections are designed and warrantied for commercial sites while other styles are warrantied for residential use. Samples of the different collections are displayed in the showroom and can be checked-out upon request.

Carpet Manufactures

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Carpet FAQ's

Q: Polyester versus Nylon
A: Polyester is being made now to have a much softer feel, however, in high traffic areas polyester doesn't rebound as well as nylon.

Q: What about protecting my carpet?
A: All carpet now comes with either their own stain protection or a brand name stain protection like Scotch Guard and Stainmaster built into the yarn.

Q: What about carpets and the environment?
A: Most carpeting manufactures are making great progress in using less or no water in the dye process, as well as less oil and less energy.
California has a Carpet Stewardship Law. The purpose of this law is to increase the amount of post consumer carpet that is diverted to landfills and recycling into secondary products.